Aerocreeper started from a request from a private plane owner who was tired of trying to get under different parts of his airplane to clean it.  There was nothing available on the market that could be adjusted to the desired positions at an affordable price.  People around the world have found that Aerocreeper is an easy solution to get in those hard to reach places.  Our customers have told us about all the uncomfortable or painful ways they have had to work under and around their aircraft.















Our main goal with this design was to meet the customers expectations while making it very simple to use.  Here is a list of reasons on why you should buy an Aerocreeper:

- Dean, MI


  • Greater height range – with the standard casters the Aerocreeper folds down to about 4.5” and will fold all the way up to a seat at 20” in it’s highest position.  This helps you comfortably work on those hard to reach places under your aircraft.

  • Heavy duty design – made out of 1/8” x 1” square tubing to hold 350 lbs. 

  • No assembly required – simply take your creeper out of the box and start creeping. 

  • Casters for any surface – Wide selection of heavy duty durable casters that will roll easily on anything from a smooth hanger floor to a rough tarmac surfaces.

  • Comfortable seats – Made out of 1" thick high quality firm grade foam.  The foam is engineered using a high resilience cell structure for an extended life.

  • Automatic locking positions – Raise the seat to the position needed and it automatically locks into place

  • Low maintenance – Due to the simple design of the creepers there are less parts to break and no hydraulic fluids that can leak.

  • Less expensive – These creepers are much less expensive than other creepers on the market that can be adjusted to similar positions.

  • Made in USA!

  • High quality – Each creeper is made and inspected with the highest quality.

  • Great customer service

  • Sleek design – The Aerocreeper is pleasing to the eyes and care is taken so that each creeper shipped out in it’s best condition.

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